NeedsConnector Frequently Asked Questions

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Wish Lists
What is a Wish List

A NeedsConnector Wish List is a place for your organization to post a list of wishes or needs.
It can be something you are asking supporters to buy or a service you are asking them to provide.


Getting Started

You can start here...

  • Enter/select our organization
  • Enter your contact information
  • Describe why you are posting this Wish List
  • Include delivery instructions (delivery address or physical location to drop off)
  • Click Add New Wish for each item in your Wish List
    • Give it a brief descriptive name
    • Provide a longer description, if necessary
    • Specify the quantity needed
    • You can also add services to your Wish List. If you do, make sure your description is details. You may also want to check out NeedsConnector's Online Sign-up feature.
    • Clicking Preview Search will open a new window and search for the item on Amazon. If you want more specific results, provide a more detailed name/description
  • You can add 1 or 2 logos for your organization and/or Wish List


Does it have to be purchased from Amazon?

No, you may see advertisements from Amazon displayed with requested items. These are suggested items based on a search for the wish's name and description. Your supporters are free to shop anywhere.

Enable monetary donations in your wish list

If you would like a Donations Accepted link added to your project's online pages:

  • Create a separate NeedsConnector donations project  (from the MyProjects page)
  • Refresh the project editor page via the browser page refresh button
  • Select the newly created donations project in the Donations section.